So Fred Phelps, the guy who’s been trying to commit suicide via someone else’s hand for years now, is now taking his AIDS-funeral and soldier-funeral protesting ways to another demented level.

Word is he’ll be protesting Heath Ledger’s funeral. You know, because he acted in a movie and played a gay character. If you watched the movie, you’re probably going to burn in Hell, too, by Phelps’ estimation.

And I’m not entirely convinced that he’s not a shock-comedian, that he’s doing some kind of Borat schtick. You know, some people think Andy Kaufman didn’t really die...

Positively Yours,


PS... I’ll probably be paving my own way to hell when I post the Hemo2Homo Connection review of Sweeney Todd... tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow!


A little ribbing among bigots never hurt anyone.