To the Broken


I am rooting for you

May you learn to smell the roses again

Possibly for the first time…

May you learn to find happiness

Without the aid of drugs and alcohol

May a love so great

come into your life that

it cannot be denied

or scrutinized

Your face will glow

and heart will sing

and it will take away

the pain and skeptics’

Your spirit has been stifled

and your heart Corroded

I pray that you may

re-capture your Innocence

that was taken away

Although the

World has shamed you

Remember you were just

A child trying to find

Your way in a maze

Of chutes and ladders

May the wind bring a burst

of freshness and Spring

and not a new contaminant

or news of despair

To the broken

I am rooting for you

Because you are not alone