Using horses to cope with HIV

Just wanted to direct you all to a piece that the Newark Star Ledger did this past week on me for World AIDS Day. The reporter spent some time with me at the barn...and met my horses, who play a big role in keeping me sane, relaxed, healthy and outdoors. As I write this, I’m contemplating whether or not I really want to go spend two hours in the freezing gloaming...but then I think about how I’ll feel when I walk into the barn and my horses whinny because they’re happy to see me (and know I will be giving them carrots and Cracklin’ Oat Bran ((their favorite cereal))) and it makes it possible to suit up in my winter gear and brave the cold. I always feel better after fresh air and exercise...though when the temperature dips below 30 degrees as it has tonight, I skip the riding...

I thought you might like to see the article, pics and video. To read the Star Ledger piece, click here.

Okay. That was the “ponies” part (even though my horses are horses, not ponies). Now, the “pirate” part is a reference to HIV-positive friend and former POZ coverboy Bob Bowers (who refers to himself as a pirate of sorts). He is founder and president of HIVictorious, Inc. and was featured in a BBC radio show called “How AIDS Changed America.” It’s available online ONLY through next Tuesday morning. Bob says the program is a “powerful and poignant recollection of AIDS in America from the likes of Larry Kramer (Founder of ACT UP), Cleve Jones (AIDS Activist and Founder of the AIDS quilt) and others. It is hosted by Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) who lost his wife and daughter to the disease.”

To hear the broadcast, click here.

Happy viewing/listening!

Off to brace myself against the frigid air!!!