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HIV-Positive Student Nurse Faces COVID at Work and Fears at Home

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Claudia A Mello

Brian, PROUD as punch of you. I'm an old nurse, diagnosed in 1986. This situation brings up old feelings and flashbacks for all of us. I have never been so proud of the nursing profession as I am right now. Your feelings are all valid, and warranted, and will pass. None of humanity is their virus. Clapping for you.

April 4, 2020 FL


Hang in there Brian. I am TOTALLY there with you. Living with HIV since 1994 has REALLY made some life challenges. Those were the days when it was a death sentence, but use your critical thinking skills which I know you are great at, and keep fighting the good fight! Just don't give up and having faith in yourself can be difficult to do. There are to many ignorant, hateful people in the world, but we are better than that. Godspeed buddy, L

April 2, 2020 Kansas

Jimmie C

Brian, you are as amazing, dedicated and focused as always. I can easily say that you are in my prayers everyday knowing that you are on the front lines during this crisis. I can also say that I know you enough to know that you will come out of this far better than when you entered, with strength, knowledge, and a greater understanding that will benefit an infinite amount of patients as well as those around you. You have always been on my "hero" list, this has moved you up much higher.

April 2, 2020 NJ


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