We recently shared the results of a POZ Personals member survey, and one of the top requested features was the ability to add private photos. We listened, and on August 6, we launched the Private Photos feature.

Every profile can now add at least one private photo, and premium members can add as many as they want. You will find the photo editor in the same place (under Manage Profile click on Photos). Public Photos are on top, and Private Photos are managed underneath.

POZ Personals Private Photo button

Members control who can see their private photos by unlocking and locking them for specific individuals. (Tip: Add a private photo to make the lock/unlock image visible.) The unlocking is done when viewing a member’s profile page. You can always relock the photo by visiting the right hand menu under List and clicking on Private Photos list. This shows you who you’ve given access to and offers you the option to relock your private photos.

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Looking for members with private photos? When conducting a search, if you see a camera icon in the top right corner of a member’s avatar image, it means the member has at least one private photo. Click through to the profile to request access. If you see an unlock image next to the Private button, he or she has already given you access.

Keep in mind that private photos may be sexually explicit. If you don’t want to see it, avoid the Private Photos tab.