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Privilege and Profit Corrupt the PrEP Access Debate

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Billions spent in HIV prevention over the past 20 years is a hallmark example of bloated funding without good results. CDC funding must be diverted to pay for PrEP as the current setup is a joke. Rebates that were diverted from Care to Pay for PrEP need to remain in care until every single person needing care gets it.PrEPsters didn't give a damn pricewise as long as someone else paid for it instead of advocating for the entire HIV community. Dont forget the ASO Grants that gets sucked down.

September 4, 2018 Columbus


The mere fact that these so-called "HIV activists" are interested in reducing the cost of prevention drugs-but not HIV or HCV drugs to save lives and lift people out of despair-says everything. You guys are just terrible. Please stop calling yourselves "HIV activists", most of you couldn't care less about us.

August 20, 2018 Cleveland, OH


PrEP is just as much medicine as any administered vaccine for shingles, pneumonia or the flu. These preventatives are available at most every pharmacy at Little to no cost to the consumer. To say that PrEP is not a medicine just because it doesn’t treat an existing condition is to relegate it to accessibility for only those who can afford it.

August 16, 2018


The problem is – well, the problem certainly IS the US healthcare system, whose complexities were brought home to me by the inimitable Tim Horn at #AIDS2018. But the OTHER problem is that PrEP is not a medicine, and shouldn’t be thought of as such or be financed in the same way as medicines are. PrEP is, as someone else said at #AIDS2018, a prevention behaviour – like using condoms – and will only be available equitably, as it should be, if ways are found to make it as available as condoms. Gus

August 14, 2018 London, UK


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