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The fourth in our The Well Project Leadership Exchange series features a discussion between our global ambassador and community advisory board (CAB) member Abosede Olotu and our board member Judy Auerbach, PhD. Abosede was one of The Well Project’s original CAB members and has served as a global ambassador for the organization since 2015, as she conducts grassroots outreach and education for adolescents and women in Nigeria. Judy became a member of our Board of Directors in 2013 and is a professor in the school of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. She is also a long-term Advisory Board member for our Women’s Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI). Join us to hear the remarkable conversation between these two leaders on opposite sides of the world as they talk about what it will take to change the world for women and girls living with HIV.

The Well Project Leadership Exchange is a new series connecting thoughtleaders in the HIV community to explore one another’s work, activism, and personal experiences. This series will bring together cis and trans women and others who uplift women’s voices across the HIV community in dialogue. Please join us for this remarkable series as we look to find new ways to connect leaders and learn from one another during these unusual and challenging times.

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