Tonight is the final night of the Symptom of Life tour. After shows in Brooklyn, NYC and Lynchburg, Synthetic Division is reuniting with Bella Morte for a homecoming show at the Southern. 

Yesterday I was interviewed by Brad Savage of 106.1 The Corner, just click on us to hear it.  Afterward, Josh was amazed that local radio stations like the The Corner and 91.9 would take the time and effort to support local, independent musicians- that’s the difference between Los Angeles (where Josh lives) and C’ville.

I love my hometown and the support I get here, not just for the music but for my educational work as well.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  One of the best things about this tour was being able to see so many friendly faces along the way- here’s to hoping some hometown ones turn up at tonight’s show.

Positively Yours,

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