Earlier this week, while perusing the comments section of a gay news blog, I came across someone’s post that said something like, Off topic, but you guys must read this Twitter feed. SO good.

I noticed the linked tweet was about AIDS, so I clicked and was taken to the Twitter page of Tucker Shaw, who describes himself as “Editor, America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country @testkitchen. Gin, up, twist.” His series of AIDS-related tweet tweets was, as promised, SO GOOD.

Throughout the next days, his story popped up in feeds and comment sections. Clearly it resonated with readers, many of whom posted their own AIDS stories and photos in response. It’s another testament to the power of storytelling—and to the fact that you never know when your posts on social media will break the internet (just ask POZ blogger Shawn Decker about his recent HIV tweet about Kylie Jenner).

In case you haven’t come across Shaw’s twitter feed, check it out below.

But fair warning: You might want to have a tissue ready.