Last month I posted about my general frustration with how the church has handled HIV prevention.  Well, imagine my delight when I received an email about a Brown University researcher, Amy Nunn (really her name!), who has partnered with around 100 pastors in the Philadelphia area to address the high rates of infection there.

The week-long awareness programs are taking place now, and are addressing the importance of HIV testing, the high price of stigma as it relates to infection rates and why the African American community must bridge the gap between faith and the realities of AIDS in modern-day America. 

Amy Nunn sums it up best:

“If HIV/AIDS researchers like me really want to impact the epidemic, we have to change the way we do business,” Nunn said. “Writing articles isn’t enough; we have to get out of our offices to partner with leaders in communities who are affected, and have to work collectively to impact public policy.”

I love this.  I hope these churches continue to make HIV a topic of discussion with their congregations, because nothing but good things can come from that.

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To learn more, check out Brown University’s press release here.  Thanks to David Orenstein for passing along the information!

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