So there was a guy who wanted to open a bar in Tempe, was denied a liquor license, and to protest that decision he wanted to kill football fans at the Super Bowl.

You can read the story here. It’s hardly amusing, and thankfully he didn’t go through with his attempt to prove that he could handle the pressures of unlimited access to beer. What is funny is that locals opposed the liquor license because they heard that his Halloween-themed bar was going to be called “DRUNKENSTEIN’S”.

Killing people? Bad idea. Naming a bar “Drunkenstein’s”? Great idea.

In other news, vaunted businessman and multigazillionaire presidential candidate Mitt Romney is now out of the race...

romney4drunkensteins.JPGI can’t help but piece these two stories together. Even though I don’t drink too often, I am absolutely in love with the idea of Drunkenstein’s lining every street in America and, in my opinion, Romney’s the only guy whose got the business chops and the free time to make it happen.

I hope you’ll drink to that plan.

Positively Yours,