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Running To Sobriety

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A wonderful story and one which is so close to me. Having been diagnosed 5 years ago this set off a sharp spiral downwards. I lost my job as a partner in a real estate firm - had an abusive relationship - lost my home and car and as a way of nulling the pain abused substances over the past 3 years. I lost all of my self respect - dignity - self esteem and confidence. I told myself I'd done everything I'd wanted - runway model - degree - great job etc. On a final blow out I injected crystal and ended up in a situation with a guy where I feared for my life. Escaping I ran home and then believing it to be a heart attack ended up in hospital - fortunately it was a panic attack - the trauma of which I am just getting over. Seeing this dark side - I have chosen life - to live. I am getting support for my addiction - closed a circle of friends and attend courses to change my mindset. In a strange way the eminem album - recovery has helped me through all of this and for the first time in an age I have a future and my dreams hopes and ambitions are resurfacing. To anyone out there who thinks there is no way back - there is and with support and desire you can do it. X

April 17, 2012

Drew in Miami Beach

Thank you for your well-written and poignant reminder about the prevasive issue of substance abuse and the additional difficulty when combined with HIV and/or hepatitis. I have had partners and friends who fight these demons. Like the story of Sisyphus, they push the proverbial rock up the hill, only to have it roll back down again... and every time, they get up, dust themselves off and start pushing again. For everyone who pushes back against addiction, you have my support and admiration. Best, Drew

August 3, 2011

waldon adams

I am truly inspired by people like Simply Rob! I too had to overcome a 30 year crack addiction, and a rapid progression from HIV to AIDS, by running. I have been clean and sober for just shy of 3 years now. ( I had been trying for 20 plus years to get a year) I was in a NBC 4 story about running my first Marathon ( The Suntrust National Marathon in 2010 ) Since that story came out I have been in two more Marathons , and 1 half, and several 5ks, 8ks, etc. I was once a person that was hospitalized for pnumonia 2 to three times a year, to not having been hospitalized for going on three years now. I'm training for 2 upcoming marathons, 2 half marathons, and the Army 10 miler. My name is Waldon Adams, I take my meds regularly, see my Doctor regularly, exercise( obviously) regularly, and I have a AIDS diagnosis!!!

August 3, 2011


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