Gonna keep this entry light and nimble on the type front.  I know “athlete” doesn’t come to mind when you think of me, so I won’t bore you with the details of my awesome farm league baseball career or my recent tennis injury (okay, I will, it’s a slightly sprained wrist that should be fine in a week or so, depending how committed I am to wearing my CVS wrist guard that cost $30 friggin’ dollars, though Gwenn opened up all the boxes and I tried on the cheaper options- like the stylish black one- but they didn’t feel as comfortable or protective... was bummed that the decent one only came in a flesh-tone that will surely invite the “Oh no, what happened?” reaction upon sight...).

However, I will bore you with soccer stuff!

Or football.  Or futbol.

I’m not following the World Cup during this session, but I did follow it in 1994 (Sega had a killer FIFA game for the Genenis) and 1998 (I had a Brazilian girlfriend).  The one thing that caught my attention this go around was a great video montage on the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show. Check it out.

In relation to that incredible video, I saw a news item on the recent teen phenomenon of “sack tapping”.  Basically, it’s teenage boys punching or heavily slapping one another in the nuts. It’s not overtly/consciously sexual; it’s kind of like the new Kick Me sign, only in the form of a sudden frontal assault, and one that is aimed at a friend instead of an enemy.  Of course, the news story I saw made you believe that syphilis and AIDS were merely warning signs, a gnat terd prelude to a Rodan case of the squirts in comparison to the rampant sack tapping that would eventually lead to the end of the human species due to the male sex’s inability to reproduce.

Which is why reading this article on Discovery News about sack tapping earned a Retweet from me on Twitter. (thanks to @ansinanser for posting it)

Okay, so much for a short blog.  Better protect my wrist, which I’m hoping feels better in the morning... of course, it’s hard to complain about this problem when we live in a world where friends are going all Joe Frazier on our floppy treasure.

Positively Yours,

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