Lawyers for the Church of Scientology claim that two HIV-positive gay men who regularly protest outside property owned by the group in Riverside County, California, are a threat to the hundreds of workers at that location, EDGE reports. As a result, they are lobbying for a county-wide restriction on protests.

scientology.jpgAccording to the article, protests against Scientology have increased recently and the group is fighting back against all of its critics. However, there may be more behind why the group chose to go after these men.

The article also states that Scientology has an official negative view of LGBTs. Examples include followers in Canada claiming to cure homosexuality at the 2008 Toronto Gay Pride Parade and followers in California supporting the anti-marriage for same-sex couples amendment in that state.

I am not a Scientologist, but I do respect freedom of religion. Therefore, I will refrain from bashing this group as homophobic. There is plenty of evidence that Scientology is indeed homophobic, but aren’t most religions?

What disturbs me about this incident is the fact that the medical privacy of these two men was violated for the purpose of inflicting harm to them. This is just plain wrong.

FYI, tip of the hat to Queerty for this story!