Sean Strub is a founding godfather in my life and in the world that all of us who are living with HIV live in. Of course, everyone has their challenges... but anyone who has ever tested positive for HIV knows that the first jolt- a concern over your physical health- can be quickly overshadowed by how HIV impacts your social life. Or your confidence. HIV just has the potential to put an extra dent in your armor.

It’s not just the internal struggle- our very freedom is literally at risk due to antiquated and stigmatizing HIV criminalization laws. That’s why Sean Strub founded The Sero Project over a decade ago and became it’s defacto Executive Director. In that time, he built a coalition of dynamos that has helped Sero make real change, in the real world, which makes said world a safer place for people living with HIV and their loved ones.

Today, Sean sent out an email and announced that he is stepping down from his labor of love (for fairness) and loathe (for stigma), and will be replaced with co-Executive Directors, Tami Haught and Kamaria Laffrey:

"Most of my friends know that a decade ago, I launched the Sero Project and have served as its ED since that time; I was fortunate that many friends and family members contributed to help getting Sero off the ground. 

This video is from Sero’s online 10th anniversary celebration, which was held last night.  I speak near the beginning of it and also announce that I’m stepping down as its ED and Tami Haught and Kamaria Laffrey will become co-executive directors.  I’ll still be involved, more as a strategic advisor, but Tami and Kamaria will be in charge.

If you’ve ever been curious about what Sero actually does, or want to see what your support, financial or moral, has accomplished, the video gives a good idea of the breadth of our work.  It is a lot over a decade.

I’m so proud of the amazing network of hundreds of people living with HIV and others that Sero has organized, inspired and helped to empower over the past decade.  I couldn’t help but be sentimental watching this, including a few tears."

Interested in learning more about SERO or attending their upcoming - and fifth! - HIV Is Not a Crime conference? They’d love to hear from you!

Positively Yours,