Last month I debuted a new feature on my blog, Shawn’s Tool Academy, in which I honor those I deem tools.  Who could forget the first dishonoree, Mr. I-Want-Babies-To-Get-AIDS, Dave Schultheis (T)?

There was mild concern that the term “tool” was too light for Schultheis’ (T) vile comments.  But when people say something so profoundly wrong or asinine, I think it’s best to label them a tool and move on with life.  That written, I know my second pick could cause more controversy, but I gotta call ’em the way I see ’em. 

On his current trip to Africa, the Pope discussed condoms and AIDS.  Here’s the damning quote that has earned him his rightful spot in the Tool Academy:  “(AIDS) a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems.”

This is Pope Benedict XVI (T)’s first trip to Africa since 1987, the year I found out that I had HIV.  That condoms would be a part of my life if I ever wanted to get some.  Or have a sexual relationship with a loving partner.  Needless to say, the condom is my friend.  And I really hate when people talk trash on condoms.  It’s very toolish behaviour. 

It was tool-like of my former president Bush- a suspected poonhound throughout his 20’s and 30’s- when he ignored his own sexual history and buried sexual health education for teens under federally funded abstinence-only education.  Or when he took a successful HIV prevention model that used abstinence, faithfulness (Be Faithful) and condom (ABC) use in Uganda and removed that troubling little “C”, causing Uganda’s infection rates to increase for the first time in years.

The Pope can have his opinion on condoms and sex.  But to say that jimmyhats aggravate the AIDS epidemic?  That is reckless.  It aggravates me when those who wield power and influence choose to talk trash on condoms.  From my viewpoint, they are sacrificing lives by doing so.   

HIV is deadly, particularly in Africa where access to decent healthcare is harder to come by.  It is also preventable- unlike toolish comments, which inevitably pour forth from the mouths of tools.

But what do I know?  The highest chosen/elected position I’ve ever held was Homecoming King.

Positively Yours,

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