Caressa Cameron, Miss Virginia, completely rocked the Miss America pageant tonight, winning the title of Miss America in the process.  This is the first time since 1997- when Kate Shindle took the crown- that a Miss America has had HIV/AIDS as her platform issue.  (In some bizarro pageant world synchronicity, Shindle’s birthday is today- Happy Birthday, Kate!)

These days, the Miss America Organization has partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network, so basically whomever wins is immediately an advocate for the CMN.  Which is a great cause, nobody can argue with raising money for children’s hospitals, right?  It’s a safe and much-needed thing, whereas a platform issue like HIV education is much-needed, but not so safe.

Aside from the work Miss America does with the CMN, the reigning queen does have some time to advocate for their own cause.  The fact that Caressa is already a natural advocate for HIV/AIDS will only do good things for peoples’ perceptions of those living with HIV.  Every little bit of acceptance and awareness helps, as does every voice that calls out for comprehensive sex education in schools, as Caressa has done in schools all throughout Virginia.

Now, her message will go beyond the Commonwealth.

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss America!  I’m sure Caressa will be a fierce and friendly ally to the community, just as she’s always been.  And, if Rush Limbaugh threw a few points her way as a judge, then I guess I have to say, for once, good call, Rush.  Maybe you weren’t such a bad choice for a pageant judge after all.

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