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A Should-Be-Classic Film About AIDS Is Now on DVD

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Monkey Pie

This film changed my life when it was first shown. It brought me out of my shell and into the light of HIV activism. Although it is fairy littered with stereotypes, I think it can give younger generations an idea of what life was like in the 1980s for gay men. This was a time I will never forget and a film I will never forget. I need to dust off my DVD copy and watch it again. With plenty of tissues.

September 6, 2018 OK

Eduardo Perez

The past that never goes away. It seems that the page isn't ever going to change. What should have been nostalgic is so today. Only the outside is different. The medical industry seems to have been the only real gain. The reality of then is still that of today.

September 6, 2018 SJ, PR


Never heard of this movie!! Thanks to whomever dug up This! As for the Buddy system , there have been many days I could have used one- lost touch with gmhc when they moved.. Stay cool TC

September 6, 2018 BRONX


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