No, my sore throat isn’t from a Samoan Spike thumb thrust to the esophagus courtesy of Umaga (I apologize, non-wrestling fans). It’s from a nasal drip. You think snot is harmless until some starts to coat your throat.

Fortunately, I don’t have anything that I really need to do this week. Ironically, the sore throat started yesterday, the last day of my week off meds. I don’t think the two are related, but I did think, “Oh my God, my virus is rebounding!” If only for a brief moment.

Still, the last time I was sick was a few months ago. I was all pumped up to get all pumped up for the summer, so I joined a couple of friends who go regularly. On day one I mentioned the strange coincidence of my getting colds right around the same time that I start going back to the gym. And, sure enough, after day two I was out of commission for four days with a nasty cold. (Cold’s Gym, anyone?)

Speaking of buff dudes, the new issue of World Wrestling Entertainment came out today and my book got a mention! They wrote “Harrowing and, surprisingly, humorous.” I’m putting all of the reviews I get on my web site, which is now adorned with blinking hazard buttons.


P.S.... here’s Umaga for anyone who was curious.