daily-0-may7-tearsforfears.jpgA lot of bands have far worse habits than mine, such as drugs, booze, loose women/men and spandex. But for Synthetic Division, the thing that fuels us are iced mochas. (Well, Josh prefers a hot drink, but he is forgiven.)

With the tour coming up soon, I’m trying to figure out the finances. The biggest hurdle is gas money.  I thought that a fun way to defray that cost would be to beg my loyal readership for mocha money.  I’m looking for a sponsor for each city.  Basically, wherever Josh and I land, we’ll take a photo of us enjoying our beverage with a thank you card with our generous sponsor’s name on it.  It’s the closest thing to being on the road that can be offered, and never before has a band broken down the fifth wall of rock n’ roll the way I am now.

So, here’s how it works.  There are 6 cities: Providence, Manchester, Boston, NYC, DC and Raleigh.  I’m looking for one sponsor per city.  For $20 (tip money for baristas included, as well a couple of muffins for sustenance), you get the commemorative “cheers” via photo, blog shout out from the road, and a Shawn & Josh having espresso drinks button mailed to you when I get back from the jaunt.  All you have to do to help is name the city you want to sponsor and paypal $20 to “shawn at mypetvirus dot com”, but type that as an email address of course.

My feet are firmly placed on Earth.  I know the country is in a recession.  This is aimed squarely at folks who enjoy my writing and music, have a soft spot in their heart and a $20 bill in their wallet to burn.  It’s that simple.  If I can get gas expenses covered, I may break even on the road since the kindness of friends and family means we don’t have to spend one dime on a hotel room. 

Pretty nifty.  In the big picture, I am beyond thrilled to play some shows. Music has helped to provide me with comfort of the soul my whole life.  Making music is a great thrill, and having the health to hit the road for a week is not something I take for granted.  As always, thanks for following my journey by reading this lil’ ol’ blog.

Positively Yours,