Parts of Virginia were hit by tornadoes yesterday, injuring over 200 people. My thoughts go out to any fellow Virginians in the areas affected south of Williamsburg.

I’ve been a little out of touch since getting back from L.A., writing away in my secret bunker locales. Not only have I been away from the blog, but I’ve also been out of touch with the fam.

Last night, my bro called me on it- it being the telephone.

“Hey brother, it’s your brother- haven’t heard from you in awhile, just making sure you’re still alive.” I sometimes forget that writers with AIDS can only disappear for so long when going into seclusion, before people start to get worried.

I called him back- he was bowling. He’s not worried about me anymore.


In terms of AIDS and politics, I have to say I’m worried about Obama’s former minister, Reverend Wright. The infamous Wright quote, “God damn, America!”, is the one that gets all the attention, but what bugs me is the recent interviews, and how Wright said Obama is just “doing what politicians do.”

He’s giving all the wrong soundbites, and now it’s McCain, Hillary and Obama’s former pastor, all piling on. Personally, I think the 37 he scored in bowling triggered all of this, but that’s just my crackpot theory.

Most have seen the videos of the Rev., ranting and raving. Below is a video you may not have seen yet...

Reverend Wright getting an HIV test.

In it, Wright mentions that young, heterosexual African American women are the leading group of people being infected by HIV. What he didn’t mention is that it is the leading cause of death among that group as well.

Oh, and he called someone a “retard” in the video above, too. If Corky from Life Goes On is still alive, I expect him to join McCain, Hillary and Wright in the Kick-Obama-In-The-Balls congo line.


OK, I just did a search- Chris Burke is alive and well. Phew!

But yes, HIV is the leading cause of death among African American women.

I support Obama, because I sincerely believe that he would be progressive in his handling of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, not only in the United States- where he supports condoms in prisons- but abroad as well, where many of the U.S.’s well-meaning, misguided policies have reversed successful anti-HIV campaigns. (Uganda being one.)

Just the other day, McCain said Obama was out of touch with poor people. Well, McCain is out of touch with people with AIDS. He didn’t know, as of last year, whether a condom helps prevent transmission.

HIV/AIDS would not be at the top of President McCain’s agenda.

As for Reverend Wright, he is playing a very dangerous game with the media. He can laugh, and grab the headlines with zingers, and soak up the spotlight, damaging Obama in the process. Whether that damage is justified doesn’t matter.

Damage is damage.

And, when it’s said and done, and everyone has forgotten all about this, the pastor can come out of retirement. And every December, he can observe World AIDS Day. And give out free HIV tests, and state the same statistic, year after year, bemoaning the government’s response to the epidemic.

The thought of it all is enough to send me back into seclusion.

Positively Yours,



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