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Why I Still (Kinda, Sorta) Go to the Gym

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It was nice to read an article and that gave me a reality check. "I am not alone". There are others out there who are experiencing the same symptoms such as depression and anxiety

April 3, 2016 NY


Very nice story and an uplifting one!!! Thanks for sharing here, and it gives me hope to move forward and continue the battle...

March 24, 2015


Wow What a thought-provoking article. I really enjoyed reading that, and it really inspired me as a recently diagnosed HIV 25 year male from Europe.

March 17, 2015


Finally somebody that gets what it's like and puts it so brilliantly in written words...not that others don't get it. Thank you. Somehow your story made me feel that I'm not so alone even though we are on opposite coasts. It is not easy finding a therapist or others to let these feelings out with or an ear that would understand, and it's not that I want to talk about it endlessly because that to me would be defeating. I read a story about the survivors of the massacre in Rwanda -- over a million people slaughtered -- and in some way it mirrors what the long-term survivors of HIV have gone through. They started having typical Western psychological therapy and were not getting any better. Some of them said that sitting in a small room and talking about what happened over and over again just got them sicker. They longed for the group, getting out in the air and drumming together. These were things that made them healthier. Many of us long-time survivors have lost our group and have to find another, and it made me see that what kept me going all these years was my love of music, that I would play on the streets, go to groups and constantly keep busy, never forgetting to commune with nature, and all while I felt this constant fatigue.

March 10, 2015


Hi Bruce, Thanks for your blog piece on your commitment to your gym routine. This is just what I need to read right now. You have given me some inspiration just when I need it most. Best, Lee, SF CA

February 16, 2015


I hear you loud and clear. Thank you!

February 8, 2015


Thanks for this wonderful read, Bruce. It mirrors my own story in many ways. Now at 63, I look back and am amazed by not only my journey, but by so many parallel lives. I also cried some reading this, mostly out of a good feeling, and some for all the tragic loss too. Who would have thought we could be here to live these emotions? Much appreciation to you, Dave

February 2, 2015


Thank you for sharing your story. It seemed to hit home for me in several ways. I as well went to the gym for years for much of the same reasons but ended up with severe glaucoma from lifting. I'm trying to recompose myself and get on with my life and back in the gym.

February 1, 2015


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