Still Positive

In September of 2014, Julie Lewis shared her story with POZ and how thirty years of living with HIV inspired her to start the 30/30 Project. Her new memoir (co-written with Jenny Koenig), Still Positive, is out today.

And it is certainly worth checking out. 

Diagnosed in 1990, Julie was faced with the very real task of preparing her three young children for a life without her. When to tell them- how to tell them?! Not only that, her health was failing... 

Fortunately she persevered and, with the support of her family and new friends in the HIV/AIDS community, Julie found her footing as a parent with HIV and an educator. By leaning into her new reality, her faith deepened and her purpose become clearer over time. She shares the many doubts she’s had along her journey, and what I love most about this book is that I don’t think having HIV is a requisite to understanding the road she’s walked.

We’ve all been blindsided. And, if we’re lucky, we’ve had helping hands along the way. Julie’s story is equal parts a reflection of her strong spirit as well as the importance of recognizing when you need a little extra help. Reaching out for that, in my opinion, is one of the reasons why Julie is still here and able to share her incredible story.

I don’t want to spoil any of the twists and turns, which are plentiful and will bring tears of laugher and tears of empathy, so I’ll stop gushing here.

Grab a copy today, you won’t be sorry!

Positively Yours,

There’s some great content on Julie’s Still Positive Instagram site, where her children interview her and they share some laughs. As well as animated art that accompanies some of the stories you’ll find in Still Positive.