Tomorrow Gwenn and I will be traveling to Storm Lake, Iowa, to speak at Buena Vista University. Storm Lake is real, even though it sounds like a town from a Stephen King novel.

Wasn’t able to get out to see Twilight yet, we’re planning on seeing a matinee when we get back home. Will drop Steve from the Hemo2Homo Connection an email to see if he’s interested in seeing it- I know he likes his blood and vampire flicks, plus he may be willing to chime in on the unanswered question from the last blog- “Can vampires get AIDS?”

I’ll be micro-blogging on my Twitter site, so if I see anything Stephen King-esque on our trip to Storm Lake, I’ll report my findings there. I’ll take my camera, too, in case I come across any cops on Segways in the airport. Here’s the only one I’ve been able to capture in all my travels. I sincerely believe that Cop on Segway videos are the new UFO videos.

Positively Yours,