The AIDS Walk has snuck up on us this year- we can’t believe it’s in less than six weeks! Gwenn and I are walking on October 2, as we always do, with our friends in Team Supersnack.

You might remember that I wore a giant LemonAIDS suit last year. Here’s a link to the speech I made, graciously accepting the Whitman Walker Clinic’s Courage Award, which they give to someone living with HIV every year. This year I told them I still have HIV and a fair amount of courage, but they said they couldn’t give me the award two years in a row.

Earlier this year we spoke at Stuarts Draft High School, and were honored when the students chose us as a beneficiary for their own AIDS Walk in May. So thanks to Mrs. Bateman’s Leadership Class for the kickstart in fundraising. I wish we could let more people do the walking for us, but now it’s time to lace up the shoes and beg for money ourselves...

But wait- there are incentives for your generosity! Why? Because donating money to help people with HIV is cool. And altruistic. Sure, there doesn’t need to be bribes involved, but it never hurts. (Really, it’s just a way for me to say “Thanks” for your help.)

The first five donations of $25 or more will get to choose from one of the following items; imagine Gwenn pulling a Barker’s Beauty in her red dress:

- Synthetic Division, Symptom of Life CD: This is my band, you know, I blog about it all the time. 

- Synthetic Division t-shirt or a Screw Smarter t-shirt

- a copy of Chicken Soup For the Soul: Think Positive...

The new Chicken Soup book will be in bookstores on September 28, but you can have it before then if you are one of the first to donate. Why do you want it? Because it’s inspirational, and your favorite LemonAIDS suit-wearing, wise-crackin’ positoid contributed a story for it. I’m only giving away 3 more copies (one was already snagged, thanks for the donation, Chris!), because we have to give most of our advance copies to our parents. So click on us to visit our donation page, and thanks for your continued support of our efforts to fight AIDS.

Positively (and “Negatively”) Yours,

Shawn & Gwenn

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