Poz magazine and NAPWA (National Association of People With AIDS) have teamed up with the American Psychological Association to make sure that mental health issues for positoids are not overlooked.

There’s a brief, anonymous survey here, if you are HIV positive, or a “positoid”, as I say, consider filling this out. I did- it was quick and easy. This is not an aspect of our health that we think about as much as we should, and in filling out the survey I recalled an instance shortly after I’d been on HIV meds, where I felt like I was depressed, mainly because of the confusion I was feeling as a result of certain side effects.

“APA and NAPWA want to ensure that important mental health services are well funded when the CARE Act is again reviewed by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in 2009.” That’s how it’s worded on the survey page, and I couldn’t agree more.

Sharing your experiences could help the people holding the purse strings realize that people with HIV deal with psychological hurdles that go unnoticed/untreated because so much attention is focused on the virus, and not on the patient.

Positively Yours,