Hey y’all!  The tour has been going well.  We’ve shared the stage and a few laughs with some great bands, Platform One, School of Rock, Mortuus Ortus, Agnes Wired for Sound and of course Bella Morte, whom we played our last show on the road with last night at the excellent club The Loop Lounge in Passaic, NJ. (Run by the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.)

On the tour we’ve been surrounded by love.  Thus far, we’ve played 5 shows, with 4 more to go.  We’ve given out over 500 condoms to enthusiastic music lovers who have been open to the message of safer sex.  I’m so happy to be fusing my passion for HIV education and awareness with my love of music- both will only be stronger for it.

Okay, back to the vlog- this is another funny one that involves the David & Goliath tale of Synthetic Division taking on Johnny Rotten.  More vlogs coming as soon as I can edit them together- time on tour moves at a pretty rapid rate.  Hope everyone is safe and well out there.

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