I left out the biggest piece of information about River the Cat- he is looking for a permanent home! If you live near Connecticut, click on his name and make contact. He’d love to hear from you.

I’d adopt River myself, but I’m afraid he’d steal all the attention away in this household, with his FIV and overall cuteness.

In Synthetic Division news, I got a phone call a couple of days ago, and will be playing a show this Saturday in Charlottesville. Which is cool, because I don’t have any shows on the calendar. Plus, this one is to raise money for the Dawning- the local goth night- so they can purchase a P.A. system.

Synthetic Division has lost it’s way as of late, stealing cupcakes and embarking on other petty bits of crime to pass the summer. Perhaps knowing that I cannot give River the Cat a home led me to my latest atrocity as one half of a Virginia-based synthpop duo?

Only the curious should click the YouTube video below...

Oh, come on. Don’t act like you’ve never stolen your friends’ dog before.

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Give a listen to “Sign”, one of my songs from Synthetic Division’s Get with the Programs (co-written with Kyle Wiggins):

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