One of the highlights of last year was putting out A Symptom of Life and hitting the road with my friends to play some music.  Synthetic Division opened for Bella Morte, and we laid down some synthpop, drank some iced mochas and gave out some Synthetic Division ONE condoms.  Well, this summer we are doing it again!

Once again, we are sticking to the East Coast.  Here’s the tour route as it stands now, with additional shows soon-to-be-announced for Washington DC (August 30) and Raleigh, NC (August 31)....

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Hope to see some of you on the road!  I’ll be posting more about the music in tour in the coming days, and probably begging you guys to buy some CDs and t-shirts to help cover the gas costs. Maybe I’ll put together a supersaver package or something that’s completely irresistible. ;O)

Positively Yours,