A memo. Just a memo. No executive order. No health insurance. No retirement benefits. Just what are we getting here? (And by we, I mean only those gays and lesbians who work for the federal government as civilians -- the rest of us, including those Obama has been kicking out of the military, will have to wait). He’s paying our relocation fees when we move? Um... okay.

We’re getting table scraps. This was obviously put together very quickly in response to the tidal wave of queer anger hitting the White House this past week.  Rahm finally told the president he had a problem with the gays, and fell back on tried and true Clintonian window-dressing to calm us down.

It won’t work.

Stop firing our gay soldiers.  Stop defending DOMA by equating our love to incest.  Stop banning people with HIV from entering the country. Start offering up some change we can believe in.