I may have fallen out of the Top 5 individual fundraisers (for now!), but my Team, Supersnack, has shot into the Top 5 with a bullet. Currently, we are at Number 3! Very cool news...

So, I’m inspired to put some fundraising incentives out there.  The next person to donate $50 (or more) to Gwenn and I gets a Dragon*Condom!  Bob G, you donated twice, so if you want one just say the word buddy.

Last night, Gwenn and I attended a fund raising dinner at Orzo, a very nice restaurant here in Charlottesville that is co-owned by one of our favorite local baristas, Katie, pictured below.  Her husband, Charles, made some excellent pasta, and there was also a silent auction, wine and appetizers. 

Two hours of awesomeness.


wineshawn.jpgI’d had a couple of glasses when it came time for me to speak about the Ryan White Clinic, where I get my medical care.  My doctor also spoke.  I credited him in particular for helping me regain my health a decade ago when I first met him, t-cells falling out of my pocket on the way into the office.  (I had 38, I believe.)  The main objective of the fundraiser was to raise money for gas cards to be used by people who travel a great distance to get to the Ryan White Clinic, and to also support a camp for people who are affected by HIV. Fellow Team Supersnacker and current Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron, was also there to help raise money!

I found out that Orzo also donates 10% of their revenue on every Tuesday in December to the Ryan White Clinic.  As that draws nearer, I’ll remind all you townies.  So thanks again to Orzo, and Katie for being a Decker’s Daily favorite over at Calvino Cafe!

Positively Yours,

PS... remember, all through September all $5 donations to Decker’s Daily go to the AIDS Walk Washington DC!  ($15 total thus far- thanks to Dragon*Condom Queen Nina, and sexual assault awareness duo Kelly and Becca (pictured below, click to check out their site and learn more about what they do when they’re not sponsoring their mooch friends for coffee.) 


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