Gwenn and I have been Tivo’ing and consuming the Olympics at a record pace, which should be an Olympic sport in and of itself. We don’t waste time on water polo, basketball, baseball or runs that last longer than 30 seconds.


Among our favorite sports? The trampoline, swimming, women’s beach volleyball, the man-made white water rafting (waiting for King’s Dominion to get that) and gymnastics. “That’s an Olympic sport?”, is a common phrase, and the more random the better. As much as I love writing and HIV education, I have to admit that if they ever give Bocce Ball the greenlight I may be forced to rededicate my life.

It’s been fun watching, and so much has happened in the last seven days; historic events and incredible displays of physical prowess. Inspired by the spirit of the games, I felt the urge to give an Athlete of the Week honor to the one person whom I thought shined the brightest.

Of course the obvious- Michael Phelps- is out. He won a lot of Gold, I’ll give him that, but the media created a monster by cutting from the Gold medal swimming victories of his buddies to a shot of Phelps receiving an ass massage... Really happened!

It’s not his fault. He seems like a good kid and he is a phenom, but all the attention cost him this bragging right.

Aside from the disqualified Phelps, there’s the gymnastic dynamo, Nastia Liukin, who won a Gold in the All-Around Competition with ice in her veins and fire in her eyes. And then there’s Daria Torres, the Silver medalist who defied the odds by competing at the highest levels at the age of 41. Still, as bright as all the Olypians accomplishments were, one man stood head, hat and shoulders above the rest.

None other than The Undertaker.

theundertaker.jpgNo stranger to Gold himself, the six-time World Champion, The Undertaker returned to professional wrestling after a three month hiatus yesterday at SummerSlam where competed against former WWE Champion and chief rival/antagonist, Edge. After taking no less than 5 steel chair shots to the head, The Undertaker prevailed in the Hell-in-a-Cell cage match, delivering his icon finishing maneuver, the Tombstone piledriver.

It was an incredible comeback for the only man to go 16-0 at the yearly event, Wrestlemania, a feat that will be remembered long after that flash-in-the-pan kid in the pool from Beijing has been forgotten.

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