Seriously. The bed’s too big.

But I’m not complaining. In my book, I made a big stink about how Gwenn and I have our own separate bedrooms, that we don’t need to listen to each other snore and fart all night to be in a loving relationship. It’s one of the better written rants in the book, in my humble opinion. Well, before the book even hit the stands last September, we’d used a portion of my advance to purchase a king-size, Tempurpedic bed and transformed what was once the master bedroom- our computer and music room- into an actual master bedroom. It’s yet to be determined who the master is. In related news to the subject title of this blog entry, I am elated that we are going to see The Police this summer! They broke up before my Positoid Years began in 1987, so I was too young to enjoy them the first time around, when I was partial to “We Built This City on Rock N’ Roll”. Cool fact? Erstwhile drummer of The Police, Stewart Copeland, shares my birthdate, July 16th. Of course, the year is off by a few decades, but that still means he’s a Cancer... and a Crab! Just like me. I wonder if I can parlay this into a backstage pass? Probably not. My days of weaseling my way backstage on the sympathy vote are over. Oh well. Maybe if the Gods of Music are smiling down tonight, I’ll be treated to a rousing rendition of “Walking on the Moon” tonight on Idol by the one and only Sanjaya. Positively Yours, Shawn Support Shawn in the NY AIDS Walk. Listen to his music. Get his book. Some people say it’s good.