Last night my electropop duo, Synthetic Division, played at the Dawning, the local goth industrial night here in Charlottesville. Those who have read My Pet Virus will recognize it as the location where I befriended Bella Morte.

It was my first full set with my bandmate, Kyle, and a few days ago it looked as if our glorious night may be undone by illness. Shockingly, it wasn’t my illness- Kyle came down with a nasty ear infection... would I have to go it alone? The answer was a resounding no, as Kyle pulled through like a champ just in time to rock it out. I was so moved by his courage that I presented him with the BMTV Music Award for Best Keyman at the show. (He beat out Micah of Bella Morte and Marshall of In Tenebris for the honors.)

To check out highlights from our show, click the YouTube video below...

Positively Yours,
PS.. make sure volume on YouTube display is UP. Way up.