This blog is short but sweet, just like Miss NY herself. Just had to write about the preliminary competition for Miss America.

During onstage interview, Miss NY mentioned the Denver Principles and the rights of people living with HIV. Wiki the Principles if you are not familiar, and you will see why this is such a cool thing. I’d post a link but I am doing this entry from an iPhone... Big fingers and small letters do not work well together.

Miss Virgin Islands also gave a shout out to HIV Awareness tonight. And my homestate girl, Miss VA, is doing quite well in all areas of competition; she should be in the Top 15. Overall, I am pulling for 4 contestants... The three above and...

A surprise contestant who has stolen the pageant hearts of me and Gwenn is Miss Kansas, she sang a jazz song and played piano (same time!), mentioned healthy choices regarding alcohol and drugs for teens while her own past involvement (something to the effect of “I learned the hard way”), then wore an evening gown with NO sequins.

ok, My pet virus is taking second seat to severe hand pain from typing this blog. Just wanted to give an update, this vacation is too much fun, and it’s been nice that pageant girls haven’t forgotten about the positoids.