These fake cure stories are really starting to piss me off, and this one is particularly egregious.  It’s the President of The Gambia, Jammeh, who has been affectionately dubbed “The Kanilai Monster” for his less-than-warm and fuzzy approach to rule.

This article in Freedom News explains how the ruler’s fake care is affecting the region’s health care:

"As we stand today, the MRC has closed its HIV/AIDS clinic because of fear of offending the monster. People with the disease are now left with the option of either seeking Jammeh’s fake cure or going to one of the under-equipped government clinics. Medical practitioners on the other hand are scared to say that there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.  The results has been that there has been very high rates of HIV prevalence in the Fonis..." 

Read the entire article here, and how Jammeh is upset about how he is being labeled here.

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