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The Graying of HIV

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Thank you sir for this article,after surviving the 70's,80's&90's,seeing so many good friends taken down by aids,when you are a senior gbm and h.i.v. you wonder sometimes why you didn't go with your friends.Gay men are already hard on older men,but throw in h.i.v and it's almost impossible to find decent relationships.Most men on h.i.v dating site in our age range are still looking for the perfect young man.In the conservative part of the country I live in ,support groups for older h.i.v men are slim to none,there is still a lot of judgment,one friend remarked,nobody wants to have sex with somebody with aids,we are still people,with needs like everybody else.Now throw in criminalization of h.i.v men it is almost a nightmare.My saving grace is when I travel to the east coast.I deal with other h.i.v men,and they don't penalize you just because you grew old,believe me you don't want to be black,gay,over 55,and h.i.v in the bible belt,now I live to travel where people gay and straight are capable of more progressive thinking.Thank you.

July 10, 2014


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