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The Huckabee Challenge & a Presidential Endorsement

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Michael Strickland

I practically fell out of my seat in AP Government two weeks ago when I heard he was coming to Cville. Then I think I freaked out my slightly homosexually-uncomfortable Calculus teacher when I exclaimed that "it's too bad he's married..." (and I -was- joking, thank you very much) I like your idea for a reformed primary process. Though if the stakes are that high, I'm not sure it's wise to hold it in Florida (no offense to our dear Floridian friends....)

December 11, 2007

Ken Baer

I've been a fan of Dennis Kucinich since 2004 and this time around I'm obsessed with his fight to the top. All this from a Canuck who can't even vote for him or even donate to his campaign.The reality though is that he would, as President, change the political scene in the U.S.and have a dramatic effect around the world. Hell even the Pot Rules would change (smile) Guess I'll never know why Bush has taken that road- he could have been the best President ever, and got rich at the same time. Rumsfeld nearly got caught in Europe a few months ago. Mr Bush must be careful where he travels. Will he write a book? Will anybody read it? Who cares? My rant for the day. I'd like to see Dennis return to the Cobart Report, great exposure for him and Stephan likes him....

December 11, 2007


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