While in LA Gwenn and I also hung out with Josh and Jenny, whom I went through the last trimester of high school with and beyond.  Josh and I always made our own entertainment in Waynesboro... and, as it turns out, we continue to entertain ourselves, at least as far as we can stretch our budgets.

Good thing is that we can afford the occasional coffee.  And Josh took us to one of his favorite neighborhood spots, Pete’s, so renowned that Katie of Calvino Cafe here in town said, “Oh, Pete’s is great!”  Best of all, my ol’ buddy Josh sponsored me for a Decker’s Daily... sweet!

Josh’s artistic touch isn’t relegated solely to awesome shades: he designed the Bella Morte album art for Beautiful Death and also did the artwork for Lauren Hoffman’s latest album, Interplanetary Traveler. On top of that, he’s the guy responsible for the excellent Screw Smarter t-shirts that Gwenn and I use to spread the word about sexual health on college campuses. (pictured in previous blog entry)  Click on his shades or mine to see more of Josh’s work via the Decker’s Daily Coffee blog.

While tooling around in a vintage record shop looking all badass, we came across an old Rocktree Brothers album.  The Rocktree Brothers are a little-known duo that released a series of short-run albums in the early 1970’s- so finding a gem like Brothers in the Sun was a real treat. The problem was that the album was warped- not one song played.


So what were we to do?

As we decided to come up with a back-up plan for the evening, Jenny and Gwenn started laughing.  Not being able to enjoy Sun was hardly a laughing matter, so we asked what was up.

“You two look like the Rocktrees!”  Josh and I glanced at one another, then the photo- we didn’t see it.  “Josh is a handsome man, but he’s no Mills Rocktree,” I said.  Josh took a look at hard-drinking Olan Rocktree and then me- he didn’t see it either.

“Look closer!”  Jenny said.  We did.  Maybe it’s just that our ladies see the coolness in us that has helped the Rocktree Brothers gain favor in hipster circles in Seattle, London and Scandinavia.  Who knows?  Either way, it’s a great compliment, we figured.

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