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The Mark of a Runner: T2+

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Beth baker

I was diagnosed 11 years ago and was with my boyfriend who later became my husband....during that time I was n't scared of the disease as much as I was about people finding 2007 I had a daughter who is HIV negative...her father, who is now my ex husband, is HIV negative as daughter is now 6 and her father went around telling people I am HIV+...I live in Southern IL and the people that have told me that they heard that I was don't believe me cuz I have been strong and was able to lose 150 lbs the healthy way and keep it off by making exercise a part of my daily life.. Being HIV + didn't really bother me until my ex started talking about me in that way just so no other will want me...I have been treated the worst in these small towns in Southern IL because people don't understand the disease ....still believe what they learned in the 90s. I have now been told that I have changed peoples lives that are close to me now because I continue to be strong and not let it beat me because when the rumors start to fall around my daughter about her mother I want to be the one that will be there for her to end the stigma around HIV. I am looking for new ways to help people not be so afraid... thank you for your time.

August 28, 2013


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