The NY AIDS Walk is two months away, and Gwenn and I are once again participating with our teammates in Team Super Snack, a rough and tumble lot that managed to raise $20,000 last year. (Click the Video button below to see highlights.)

To get things going, I want to make a special offer: the first 5 people to donate get a signed copy of My Pet Virus, and a fridge magnet. That’s pretty badass, you gotta admit. How many book magnets do you have on your fridge now? None. Why? Because other authors don’t care about you the way I do.

Wait... already got the book? I’ll send it to one of your friends. And each time they go to the fridge for some sweet sweet food lovin’, they’ll remember why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Don’t have money?

The AIDS Walk page has a minimum donation of $25, and perhaps you’ve already spent $10 on my life story... I know $25 is steep for some, so if you want to donate and you are strapped for cash, then get a few friends to go in with you. Last year I had several donations from groups of 4, 5 and sometimes more.

At the very least, I enjoy getting messages of support, so by all means go the free route and send some positive energy my way, it’s greatly appreciated. And who knows? Maybe this year I’ll be the first thinblood to win the AIDS Walk...

Wait, it’s not a competition. I always forget that.

Positively Yours,