Team Supersnack raised over $55,000! Kenneth Cole hit $34,000...

His team was backed by corporate power, ours was just a ragtag ensemble of loners who weren’t afraid to hit up their friends for money. And, of course, we weren’t above rubbing it in. Here’s the official decree of victory at the walk, delivered by Supersnack’s very own Grand Moff, Nathan Cotter.

... I say ragtag, but how did Kenneth stand a chance? Team Supersnack had John Oliver, the Mountain Goats, Miss Brooklyn, Sara Bunting, Greta the Bunny and newcomer Permanent Nutface Gary on board this year, with tons of new members who raised over $1,000 each!

Speaking of John Oliver, here’s a cool clip of Gwenn introducing him at the fundraiser...

While AIDSWalking, I had a chance to speak from the heart about my new friend, Permanent Nutface Gary.

Thanks to Angela Hamilton for leading the team to victory, and helping me to erase the scars of World AIDS Day 2006. That storefront window at Kenneth’s store seems so far away now. I can finally rest.

Positively Yours,