Some months ago I posted a fanciful blog in which I challenged Ric and Mike Huckabee to a steel cage match with Dennis Kucinich as my tag-team partner.

This was a comical response to Huckabee’s early 90’s comments on people with HIV (that they should be isolated), Flair’s endorsement of Huckabee for President, and my fleeting man crush on Kucinich.

Well, a lot has changed since December... Huckabee is out, as is Kucinich. I developed a serious case of Obamania, and Ric Flair put politics on hold in order to perfect his wrestling holds in preparation for his (possibly) last match at Wrestlemania this coming Sunday.

But, along the way, a funny thing happened: I spoke with Ric Flair on the telephone.

The result is in the April issue of Poz magazine, and you can read my column by clicking on the picture above. I’ll be posting some of the Q&A session here at a later time. Hope you enjoy the piece.

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