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The "Right of Conscience" Rule

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Bobby T: The substance of your previous comment was not the issue. I unpublished your previous comment because most of what you wrote was rude in general and off topic in particular. The right to free speech is not without limits for any of us. Despite my disagreeing with much of your current comment, as you can see it is here for all to read. Thanks, Oriol

December 22, 2008

Bobby T.

Why is it every time an intelligent person leaves a comment that differs from your opinion that you delete it? You let other people yell at you and call you an idiot? You chose to become a part of this blog and just like the mainstream media are filtering opinions and only using the ones that work for you. Yes, I think Obama is the biggest mistake this country has ever made,but I am entitled to that opinion. My problem is that each time I do so, my comment is blocked or deleted as if it did not exist. I therefore am withdrawing my support for this blog and will not return. I know you do not care about me or the fact that I will not visit this blog again, but maybe you should reconsider slighting other people while your blog constantly refers to ways that people are slighting you.

December 22, 2008


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