Greeting my fellow readers. It is with great pride that I write to you in high spirits, and even higher hopes. For, in the last twelve months, we have seen My Pet Virus: The True Story of a Rebel Without a Cure, make many tremendous strides. Yet there is still so far to go.

This is the story of a kid struggling to pass English class in 12th grade, going on to earn a coveted B+ grade, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. From a starred Kirkus rating to being chosen as one of the Best Nonfiction Books of 2006. And from a guy shamelessly whoring his book-to-be on MySpace before it was even available, to a guy shamelessly whoring his synthpop tunes on MySpace. (New single available for 50 cents for a limited-time offer! Proceeds go towards the purchase of my life-saving HIV medications!)

So much has changed, yet so much still remains the same.

Just the other day I was at the local bookstore, where I was informed that (outside of John Grisham, who has yet to answer my challenge to a reading) my book is one of the best-selling titles by a local author. Then, a half hour later, I was at the bank and another teller chimed in over the intercom, “Hey, have you written a book or something... it’s great!”

Probably the most surreal occurence was an email I received from a 9th grader last week through my publisher. Her Language Arts project is to dress up as an author and answer questions as if she were at a book event. She chose me. I can just see myself sandwiched between Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain.

What an incredible ride. It really happened. The book is out there, and people are enjoying it. Not just positoids and thinbloods, but negatoids and thickbloods, too. And other writers. I’ve met so many through this process.

So thanks once again for reading the book and spreading the word. It has just about sold out of it’s first printing, and I have you to thank for that. There are many more chapters to live in my life, and many more books to write as well. I hope that, in the coming years, you decide to stick around for those journeys as well.

Goodnight, my fellow Americans. (Other nationalities: Good morning or good afternoon, depending on where you are reading this blog from.)


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