Fellow Readers, Bleeders and Greeters,

In Recent times, this blog has seen both good and bad times. From the resurrection of the Hemo2Homo Connection to the mixed results of the Weekend Predictions, you have stayed true and realized that I am indeed a better blogger than Perez Hilton, and that I was blue-hair blogging when he was still eating belly-button lint and paint chips.


But, despite all of that, I know some of you have wondered: can Shawn go on? Will he keep blogging, as he bravely battles his pet virus and delusions of grandeur? And to that I say, with a heavy, thinblooded heart and an unwavering American soul: YES!

A blog’s health does not always correlate with the health of its author. But on my front, I’m happy to say that both are thriving. And as 2008 continues, I will continue to blog about me, me somemore, other people, politics, sports, my pet virus, HIV/AIDS and whatever else I am thinking about when I sit down at the laptop.

So thanks for reading: I hope you enjoy doing so as much as I love to write this junk.

Positively Yours,