Greetings my fellow web surfers,

Today finds this blog to be in perfect health and unity with cyberspace.  As I march towards the rarest of gems- a fulfilled new year’s resolution to blog every day in January- I can’t help but look ahead to February, March, and even April.  I’m hoping that every month of blogging can be just as much fun as this one has been.

What can we look forward to here?  Hopefully more good news than bad in terms of the general state of HIV/AIDS.  I want to hear about fewer positoids on ADAP Waiting Lists, not more.  I want to hear more about realistic breakthroughs in HIV research, and less about impractical “cures”, though I’ll take those over the fake cure stories any day.  Whatever I hear that is interesting, I’ll be sure to share here.

I’m happy that Decker’s Daily has been renewed, but I’m thinking about having it be 85% pictures of me drinking iced mochas, and then 15% being other things.  Look for a “Picture of the Day” link at the bottom of each blog entry soon- that will be a link to my Decker’s Daily tumblr page.

In regard to blogging every day, or more often than used to be the case, I’m going to have to investigate my page views.  If they went down, I’ll have to stagger my thoughts and try to win back an overwhelmed readership.  If they went up, then I’ll probably try to keep up a feverish pace.

As always, I’m honored that I’m but one of many stops on your journey through cyberspace.

Positively Yours,

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