This week families from around the world will reunite to settle decades-long scores in honor of Christmas. I’m fortunate in that I don’t have any real family drama to speak or write of.

presents.jpgAt least not yet. See, I’ve been happily aloof in Christmas present purchasing, opting for a low-key attitude towards the holidays (forgive me my one weakness- the holiday sweater). In terms of my immediate family, I’m just holding true to a promise made back in September. “We’re cutting back this year...” This same speech happened last year, and me and Gwenn went along with it.

Then on Christmas morning we felt like major douches when we were surrounded by presents and we’d only gotten my family one or two things. Oh well. If the Benedict Arnolds want to lavish gifts upon me, I won’t complain.

Still, this year I am watching my gift-giving back. And even though I haven’t been buying stuff, I have been working away like a little elf, making things. I’ll post pics later this week- and another video that could rival the holiday sweater/jingle cats one.


If you’re unfortunate and really have some family drama ahead of you this week, I do apologize for making you think about what’s ahead. The best I can do to make ammends is offer up a holiday drink recipe. So get a pen and a piece of paper, this thing could come in handy...

The White Christmas Russian

2 oz vodka

1 oz coffee liqueur

light cream


How To: Pour vodka and coffee liqueur (over ice cubes if you prefer) in an old-fashioned glass. Fill with light cream and step outside to let the family drama and bullshit calm down. Hold glass into air, let snowflakes dissolve into drink as quickly as your expectations did the moment you walked through the door. Get plastered under a tree alone. Oh, and don’t forget your coat, especially if you’re having your White Christmas Russian on the rocks.

I know what you’re thinking: I Cindy McCain’d a recipe and just added some little twist. Or maybe you’re wondering what to do if you live in a warm climate, yet you still feel like you’re going to need a White Christmas Russian... Well, this drink is all about the spirit. And the smooth, cold flavor of the White Christmas Russian is made to order for chilling out for those who are forced to be around family.

Me? I might have a white russian. Sans the emotional snowflakes.