All of us, really.  I was so happy to see so many people take a guess at my t-cells in the Labtest Contest, and it was quite dramatic each time a Poz Comment came in.  The ebb and flow was tremendous- so much better than that damn Clottey Pacquiao fight last Saturday.

The Labtest Contest was such a success that I made a logo!

But, like most contests, this contest saw it’s fair share of controversies...

You may notice the last Poz Blog Comment at this time is from “Shawn Decker”- now, despite appearances I didn’t vote for myself, because I already knew the results.  And why would I vote wrongly, anyway?  What happened was, a friend had tried to vote several times, so I posted his guess, typing in the name “Carlo”, which didn’t appear since I was logged in. Apparently, no matter who is trying to post his guess, my Comments section just hates the name “Carlo” and will refuse to post it.

My apologies to the vast Carlo readership.

Next time, however, I will be voting on behalf of myself.  Of course, I’ll do so before I get the lab results back.  So look out, I’ll be defending my books, CDs and Screw Smarter t-shirts from the contestants, kind of like Win Ben Stein’s Money.

Another controversy was the first disqualification ever in my Labtest Contest, due to a direct violation of the stated Official Rules. Okay, well it wasn’t in the actual rules, but I feel a disqualification of last week’s Positoid of the Day, Nina Martinez, was in order when she voted outside of the range (450-600) I’d given as a clue.  Harsh?  Yes, and I understand if my actions against a Positoid of the Day divides the AIDS community.  I plan future Labtest Contests due to the overwhelming (okay, I could handle the response) response and protecting the integrity of the game is of the utmost importance.

Nina knows I’m just picking on her.

So, without further ado- my most recent t-cell count was... 565!  With an undetectable viral load.  Great news!  Yay for me! ... Oh, who won?  Well, that distinct honor goes to the second to last vote (including the “Carlo” scandal)- an under the wire guess of 567, just two little t-cells off the mark:

Charles Oliff

(Honorable Mentions: Dorian Alexander, Ophelia De Serres, Mason Taylor, Amber)

So congratulations, Charles!  You are the King of my T-cells, and you will reign until the next contest in July.  Feel free to post a victory speech on the Comments section, and also let me know which prize (My Pet Virus, Synthetic Division CD or a Screw Smarter t-shirt) you would like.

Thanks again to all who participated and watched this contest dramatically unfold!

Positively Yours,

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