So the results are in- and the winner of the Labtest Contest VII, and new t-cell champion, is Sahara Frog who rendered a guess of 515. The actual count was 512, so Sahara missed the mark by a mere 3 tiny t-cells!  This is the first time that the lowest guess was the correct answer, and also the first time that the actual t-cell count was lower than all of the guesses.

Should you or I be worried?

Absolutely not. T-cell counts fluctuate. My viral load was undetectable and my t-cell percentage is 30%. The same as when I had that count of 570-ish last time.  I’m feeling good, and have lots of t-cells that are working hard. Having the viral load at undetectable means my HIV meds and positoid lifestyle are working in tandem to keep the virus from having an opportunity to replicate.  I’m beyond happy for these results, and thanks to everyone who guesses in the Labtest Contests, that makes me happy too.

So Sahara Frog hops to the T-Cell Throne for glory... and... wait... is the winner of the upcoming Synthetic Division album, Numb to the Numbers!  Congratulations.

Positively Yours,